Rich Rogers

Dr. Rogers received his Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University in 2003. His research focused on SUMO modification of transcription factors. As a post doc, Rich joined the Institute for Systems Biology. At the ISB, Rich expanded his research on post translational modification by applying mass spectrometry to detect phosphorylation and other ubiquitin-like modifications in macrophages. In 2012, Rich joined the Analytical Sciences group at Amgen. At Amgen, Rich developed a mass spectrometry based multi-attribute method (MAM) for biotherapeutic characterization and release from QC. In 2015, Rich joined Just Biotherapeutics where he continued his work on MAM and started the MAM Consortium. In 2019, Rich joined BMS, in Seattle, where he applied the principles of MAM for cell-based therapies. Recently, Rich joined Umoja Biopharma as the Head of Process Analytics.


    Da Ren

Dr. Da Ren currently holds the position of Scientific Director in Process Development at Amgen, where he is responsible for global strategies for Multi-Attribute Method (MAM). Dr. Ren joined Amgen in 2004 and held multiple roles with increasing responsibility from analytical development to GMP release and stability testing. In 2015, he led the first in industry implementation of MAM in the GMP environment. He has more than 20 publications and patents applications during his tenure at Amgen. Prior to joining Amgen, Dr. Ren was a Senior Applications Chemist at Waters Corporation focusing on therapeutic protein characterization. He received his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Akron in 2002.